New WHITES Motorcycle S/Moto Off-Road Tyre Tool 17x3.5

New WHITES Motorcycle S/Moto Off-Road Tyre Tool 17x3.5"- 5" Rim #TMD14K115A

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Product Type: Tyre Changing Tools
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A great auxiliary tool for tyre irons when replacing off-road tyres and a must when installing tubes. Provides an easy way to push the tyre bead down into the drop centre of the rim on off-road wheels while using tyre irons to change the tyre. Slip the slot of the tool over the spoke and push bead down on opposite side of the tyre from your tyre irons. It will facilitate pulling the tyre over the edge of the rim allowing for easier and faster tyre removal and installation. No more fighting to keep the bead down while installing off-road tyres.
Constructed from 304 stainless steel
Pushes bead down allowing for quick and easy tyre installation
Groove hooks onto spoke to prevent tool popping out
Specifically designed for supermoto 17" rims and tyres