New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036
New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036
New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036
New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036
New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036
New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036

New PUTOLINE Air Filter #PUTAFHO1036

Part No: PUTAFHO1036
Product Type: Air Filters
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Putoline Oil is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-quality oils and lubricants developed specifically for motorcycles, scooters and quads, making Putoline unique. Almost 50 years of experience and continual research allows Putoline to provide cutting edge products. Manufacturing their own products guarantees consistently high-quality motorcycle oils. Putoline Oil, Driven by Technology!

Putoline air filters, based on leading-edge open-cell foam technology, bring users major benefits, including:

  • Improved performance through increased airflow
  • Improved protection through finer filtration levels
  • Substantial cost savings through serviceability and re-use

Fully reticulated (open cell) foam, as used in all Putoline filter products, consists of a honeycomb of tiny, interlocking cells of uniform size.  When treated with specially formulated filter oil, each passageway is like hundreds of very small centrifugal/oil bath filters connected one to another.  In this way, the foam traps and holds the particles throughout the entire volume of foam.

The development of this unique foam represents a major advancement in air filtration technology. As a result, foam air filters, when compared with paper or cotton gauze equivalents, combine great airflow capability, huge dust holding capacity, and very high filtration efficiency for even extremely small particles.


  1. Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand.
  2. Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage.
  3. Exclusively formulated adhesive ensures glue seams will not break down.
  4. Thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage.
  5. Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers. Trapped particles can restrict airflow. If dirt works it's way into your engine, a pinhead-sized granule will gouge your piston and rings like a bullet. 
Make Model Year Range Capacity
Honda BIG RED MUV700 4WD 2009-2013 700
Honda SXS500 PIONEER 2014-2014 475
Honda SXS700M2 PIONEER 2015-2017 700
Honda SXS700M4 PIONEER 2015-2017 700
Honda TRX500FA FOURTRAX FOREMAN 4X4 2005-2011 499
Honda TRX500FA RUBICON 4WD 2001-2013 500
Honda TRX500FA6 IRS 2014-2020 475
Honda TRX500FGA FOURTRAX FOREMAN 4X4 2004-2004 499
Honda TRX500FM FOURTRAX FOREMAN 4X4 2008-2008 475
Honda TRX500FPA FOURTRAX RINCON 4X4 2009-2011 499
Honda TRX500FPAC RUBICON 4WD 2011-2013 500
Honda TRX680FA IRS 4X4 RINCON 2015-2017 680
Honda TRX680FA IRS RINCON 2012-2013 680
Honda TRX680FA IRS RINCON 4WD 2006-2014 680
Honda TRX680FA IRS RUBICON 4WD 2015-2021 680


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